Arbitsec Registration


Terms of use


1.1. The current User Agreement is applied to Arbitesec.

1.2. Each participant fully agrees with all the current agreement clauses by registering in the project.

1.3. Those persons, who reached the age of majority, are allowed to participate in the project. The participant confirms that he has reached the age of majority by signing up.

1.4. All the actions, performed by the project participant, are voluntary.

1.5. Each participant is entitled to have the only one account in the project. The administration is entitled to block the accounts without refund, if revealing multiple ones.


2.1. The current Agreement subject is to provide the «User» with an access to the services, provided on the Website.

2.2. An access to the website and its services is provided free of charge.

2.3. The current Agreement is deemed a public offer. The User is deemed to have accepted the current Agreement by accessing the company's website.

2.4. The Website materials use is governed by the current legislation.


3.1. Restrict an access to the Website, if revealing the current Agreement terms violation by the User in the following cases:

    3.1.1. If the User violates the current Agreement terms or attempts to harm the service (including discredit, blackmail, attempts to hack the website, spam, etc.).

    3.1.2. If revealing multiple registration via one computer or one IP address and multiple accounts usage by the User.

3.2. The administration is obliged to accrue and pay profits in accordance with the investment plan service provided.

3.3. The Administration is obliged to make accruals and payments to the User while using the currency, previously used to open the deposit.

3.4. The Company accepts electronic units just through the website.

3.5. The Company is not responsible for the Client’s personal data loss or theft. Be sure to use complex passwords in order to avoid hacking.

3.6. The administration is obliged to maintain the website functionality.

3.7. The Website administration is prohibited to disclose data to the third parties.


4.1. Gain an access to use the Website after meeting the registration requirements.

4.2. Use all the services, available on the Website.

4.3. Ask and find out any questions, related to the Website’s services.

4.4. The User is entitled to inform and attract new participants to the project while using various advertising methods (including websites, banners, groups, forums, etc.).

4.5. The User is entitled to distribute his affiliate link in any way, available and convenient for him.

4.6. The User may require the project to comply with the current agreement terms.

4.7. The User is entitled to choose any of the investment plans introduced and currently available.

4.8. The User is entitled to withdraw accrued profit in accordance with the current limits, set by the Company, while using the same electronic currency type, previously used to open the deposit.

4.9. Provide additional data, directly related to the services, provided by the current website at the Website Administration’s request.


4.10. Take any actions, that may be deemed disruptive to the appropriate Website operation.

4.11. Avoid distributing any individuals’ or legal entities’ private data while using the Website.

4.12. Use any means to access, acquire, copy or monitor the Website’s content.

4.13. Interfere with the proper website operation.

4.14. Establish unauthorized access to the Website’s functions, as well as to any services, proposed on the Website.

4.15. Violate security or authentication systems.


5.1. The Website and its content are owned and managed by the Website Administration.

5.2. The Website content is protected by copyright.

5.3. The User is personally responsible for account data confidentiality, including the password, as well as for any and all activities, conducted on the Account User’s behalf.

5.4. The User is obliged to immediately notify the Website Administration of any unauthorized use of his account or password or any other security system violation.


6.1. Any investment in a project is associated with risks. The Client is fully aware and accepts this.

6.2. The Administration is not responsible for possible losses, caused by the unforeseen circumstances.


7.1. The Website administration is prohibited to disclose any Website User’s personal data, if disclosure is required due to an investigation or complaint regarding unauthorized website use or in order to identify the User.

7.2. The Website Administration is entitled to terminate or block an access to the Website without prior notice to the User, if he has violated the current Agreement terms.

7.3. The Website Administration is not responsible to the User or third parties for an access termination to the Website, if he has violated any of the current Agreement terms.


8.1. The Website Administration does not accept the User’s proposals regarding the current Agreement changes.

8.2. User’s feedback, posted on the current Website, are not deemed the confidential data and can be used by the Website Administration without any restrictions.