FAQ Arbitsec

Follow the «Registration» link, fill in all the required fields and click on the confirm button.

Make sure that the characters entered are correct. Use your password recovery form, if you are not able to access your personal account. A response letter will be delivered at your email address you provided upon the registration.

Account creation is free of charge.

Each person, who has reached the age of majority, is able to participate in the service.

The service proposes the only one unique personal account for each participant.

You are entitled to independently change your personal data once signed up.

The funds invested start to make a profit once deposited funds and opened the investment plan you have chosen.

The client may invest funds while using Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT-TRC 20.

We do not charge any hidden fees when withdrawing or depositing funds.

The minimum deposit amount is $100. The maximum deposit amount can’t exceed $10 000.

Each participant is entitled to make an unlimited deposits number.

The profit is accrued automatically according to the investment plans you have previously chosen.

You should open «Withdrawal» tab, enter the required amount, enter the payment system and click the confirm button in order to withdraw your funds from your personal account.

All withdrawals are processed within 24 hours once submitted your withdrawal request.

Yes, we provide participants with a chance to get a stable additional income by inviting their colleagues and friends.

We offer a five-level affiliate program: 5% of your partners’ deposits on the first level, 3% of your partners’ deposits on the second level, 2.5% of your partners’ deposits on the third, 1.5% on the fourth and 0.5% on the fifth level.

No, it is not required. Participation in the affiliate program doesn’t require to have an active investment position.

Involving third-party participants is not mandatory, but can become a good tool for earning extra money.

We use a strong security system, but try to create complex passwords to avoid issues.

Customer data is securely protected and is not transferred to third parties.

The Administration always informs clients about any changes in the system by email or other communication methods.